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NYANKENPON is pellet-shaped pet food. Designed for pet health!
point Good for maintaining the health of dogs, cats, and all kinds of pets!
We have received many comments from pet owners delighted at NYANKENPON’s ability to improve the color and luster of fur, repel flees and ticks, and improve the body shape and skin condition of their pets.
point Reduces the odor of pet excrement!
NYANKENPON is a pelletized food made from pure natural plant essences extracted from pines, Japanese cypress, and plantains. We have received many comments from pet owners delighted at its ability to reduce the body odor and excrement odor of their pets.
point The ingredients are the essences of pines, Japanese cypress, and plantains. So it’s totally worry-free!
NYANKENPON is a pelletized pet food made of pure natural plant essences extracted from cedars, Japanese cypress, pines, and plantains. It’s safe and harmless and you can feed it to your pets with peace of mind.
Recommended amount according to the kind of pet
Cat and small dog 5g~20g/day
Medium dog 10g~30g/day
Large dog 20g~50g/day
Other small animals
(squirrel, hamster, etc.)

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