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NIOWONDERFUL is a mixed feed for fish, chickens, pigs, and cattle.
point For Upmarketing and Differentiating Fish, Chickens, Pigs, and Cattle!
Made of plant-derived natural essences extracted from cedars, Japanese cypress, pines, and plantains, NIOWONDERFUL is a mixed feed for the raising of healthy animals. With NIOWONDERFUL, your fish, chickens, pigs, and cattle will be strong and healthy.
point Decreases the Odor of Animal Excrement
Made of natural essences of plants, NIOWONDERFUL will decrease the odor of excrement produced by chickens, pigs, and cattle.
point Easy to use, Just Mix with Your Regular Feed!
NIOWONDERFUL is extremely easy to use. Just mix it with regular feed at a concentration of 0.3 ? 0.6%.
We Recommend You to Use NIOWNDERFUL  If You Want to:
Make your animals and fish healthy
Improve the quality of your livestock and differentiate them
Eliminate trouble with animal excrement odors

20kg / 7500JPY

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Safety Confirmed as a Result of Acute Toxicity Testing by Japan Food Research Laboratories
The safety of NIOWONDERFUL has been confirmed through acute toxicity testing carried out by Japan Food Research Laboratories, so you can use this product with assurance.
Test Details
Male and female mice were administered with NIOWONDERFUL (in brown power form) for 8 days at a room temperature of 22±2oC.
 Autopsy Findings
Neither the male nor female administered groups exhibited any abnormalities in key organs.
Presence/Absence of Toxic Symptoms
Neither male nor female mice exhibited any abnormalities either during the period immediately after administration or thereafter and no fatalities occurred.
In this test, no fatalities were observed in either the male or female mice groups administered with 48,000mg/kg of the product under testing.

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